Current questions I find interesting

How do we accelerate the process of building mutual trust?

How do I see people more clearly?

How do I articulate my “taste” in people?

Can we create algorithms to assess people’s credibility and assign decision space to those with highest credibility?

What’s the boundary of the firm?

What’s the best way to organize and align principals and agents across a team of teams?

What’s the next wave of alternative investment partnerships going to look like?

If most investment analysts and portfolio managers actually have high conviction in 1-5 situations/investments, is it possible to unbundle the hedge fund and let the system self organize somehow?

If capitalism is the first rogue AI, how can we organize people who are skilled at operating in the financial markets to help channel that rogue AI so that we don’t wreck our planet?

How do we build anti-fragile human systems and mindsets that benefit from volatility?

How do we prepare our children for the increasingly chaotic future, which may or may not have jobs, a stable climate, or democracy?

What are the best tools to quiet the nervous system and ego and see reality clearly?

What am I subject to, what’s water in my fishbowl to me, what can I not make object and clearly see?